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How Should Rosa Go About Making Her Decision?

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1. How should Rosa go about making her decision? (20 marks)

A Project Manager will be a big help for Rosa to decide on what kind of project will boost the organization's strengths, bring about it's competitive advantage and a project that will increase income, decrease cost, improve productivity and reduce risk. The project manager will also help her pick the best project. Rosa with the help of a Project Manager will be able to evaluate projects presented and benefits that it will give. This can be achieve by critically analyzing the project manager proposed projects by the different department heads/managers which will be able to identify which project will give opportunities to the organization, identify problems that should be anticipated and be able to define objectives by measuring performance and calculating cost (budget for the project). A project proposal is a must in choosing a project because these are documents that outline potential project, it's information, value of the project and estimate of the budget which includes a feasibility study and a business case to be able to pick the best project that will benefit the organization.

Picking the Best Projects

Choosing the best projects to work on involves a three-step process:

1. Identify the opportunities: Brainstorming within the people in the organization on what is needed and what should be done in order to improve it's product and services.

2. Compare the opportunities: Among the opportunities identified and considered, the most important should be prioritized. Compare the opportunities given by a project but not the project itself.

3. Ranking and Choosing Opportunities to Pursue: Work out which project must be tackled.

1st: rank the opportunities and the potential benefit of the project given.

2nd: description of the project and it's possible remedy or solution of the problems.

(Meri Williams,-2005)

Project's Feasibility study:

Feasibility study is an Financial analysis of a project which helps to know whether or not it will give a positive output to the organization.It is beneficial in reducing risk of an investment.However it does not totally eliminate it Rosa should carefully consider the feasibility study of the project and be able to evaluate it. She also needs to understand and consider the projects positive and negative aspects. Feasibility study will help plan out the start up process and resolve many issues about the project. (jagel,ralston,-2006)

Project's Business Case

A business case is needed for Rosa to be able to justify the project and to deliver


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