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Decision Determines Destiny

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Decision determines DESTINY....

Our lives are made up of every decision that we make from time to time. In every aspects of life we choose between things or think of what is right. So basically life is a series of Decision making. We begin everything by choosing, we decide from the little things to the complex ones.

Certain people and situations can contribute in a decision making, though at the end, it is oneself who'll always make the final one. To sum it all up, decision is a big factor to what the reality will most likely be.

Decisions will probably affect our future, that's why it's necessary to think several times to assure yourself of a good outcome of things. For example of a good decision, letting go of the hate for someone and acceptance of bringing friendship all the way in. This could probably make up a good relationship between the two people. And for the example of a bad decision, Slacking and procrastinating the entire school year, this will definately put someone into nowhere but regrets in the future. Apparently, decision making gives us a glance of what could our near future be.

Those were the times that we make decisions that our destiny is shaped. And It was always the GOOD and the BAD that defines the decisions that are made. It's always a choice whether we like our future to be worth all the risks or enjoy every moment of life but regardless of the consequences, to live for yourself or to live for others, to be sad or be happy, and to live or to die.


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