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Sarah Talley Negotiation with Wal-Mart - Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

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Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

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Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

Negotiation's can be an in-depth process that may have a huge impact on an individual's future. Choosing an affective negotiating strategy is important when negotiating with other parties. There are many kinds of negotiation strategies that an individual can use to have a successful negotiation. This paper will compare and contrast negotiation strategies that are addressed in two different articles.

Sarah Talley Negotiation with Wal-Mart

Small business owners negotiate with major organizations in order to obtain contracts that will intern produce profits. Major corporations may not consider the interests of the organization and enter into a negotiation that benefits the major corporation's interests only. Small supply companies negotiate with major retailers in order to obtain contract to sell their goods. Many times they find themselves in a negotiation that benefits the retailer's interests only. This can force small suppliers to accept a contract that may not befit the company and may lead to liquidation of the company.

In the article "Negotiations with Wal-Mart" Hanna J. (2008) Sarah Talley enters into a negotiation with Wal-Mart to sell her farms pumpkins and watermelons. Wal-Mart has a reputation of being a major retailer and enters into hard ball negotiation practices in order maintain low prices. Sarah's intent is to negotiate with Wal-Mart in order to obtain a contract.

Sarah's first step in her negotiation strategy was to get an understanding of Wal-Mart's prospective and what kind of deal could be beneficial to the organization. In-order to find a deal that would be beneficial to Wal-Mart she needed to find ways to cut cost in her organization. By cutting cost she would be in a better position to generate higher profits. She found cheaper was to transport her produce to warehouses.

Sarah Talley looked for ways that she could share responsibility and generate a partnership relationship with Wal-Mart. She looked for mutual goals that her organization had in common with Wal-Mart. She represented herself as flexible problem solver and was willing to work with Wal-Mart to avoid contract cancelation. She developed clear objectives and worked on developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Ken Griffey Jr. Negotiation

In the Article "The Ken Griffey Jr. Negotiation" verducci (2000), Ken Griffey Jr. an outfielder and an accomplished hitter with Seattle Mariners contract was ending. Ken was a highly valued player in the Major baseball leagues at the age of thirty years old. Ken had the option to let his contract run out that would entitle him to become a free agent or he could be


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