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Swot Analysis to the Strategic Alternatives Gillette and Red Bull Can Take

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Conduct SWOT analysis to discuss some of the strategic alternatives Gillette can take.

I got some tactic that Gillette could take as followings:

As the profitability of Gillette is highly reliant on its razors and blades business performance, they could capitalize on their high technology innovation to produce relative category items that position on their customer base. Such as complementary products inside the shower doors, which Gillette already had been taking action.

The economies of Asian countries are growing giving new opportunities for Gillette to increase their marketing share and growth. They got well-established brand awareness in global scale, this advantage made more easier for Gillette advertising their products on emerging markets , such as China, where's consumption for high-branded products are continuing increase.

The market for men razors has developed in with a number of changes in lifestyle. The growing interest in appearance among men is the prime factor for the development of market for Gillette. In recent years, there is a considerable increase in the figure of 16 to 25 age range in males. Still there is plenty of scope for growth in the preceding market, particularly as the present generation of young males reach more mature life stage, so Gillette could expect from them that they will be more willing and capable to spend on luxurious and premium brands. This could eliminate the weakness of sensitive to price.

3. Assume tough competition is coming. What actions would you recommend?

I will recommend several strategy as following:

Pursuing business markets through process innovation

Although, Red Bull has been creating and delivering more energy drink through young people and teenagers worldwide. The company can however, be more innovative by creating non-caffeine drinks for kids between 8-17 years and


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