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Swot Analysis for Strategy Formulation

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To help the students to learn the concept of strategic management, its importance acquainted with the strategies at levels and to familiarize the students with aspect related with analysis of the firm's external environment, the resources and thus carrying out SWOT analysis for strategy formulation. To help the students in understanding the process of strategy implementation; the challenges involved in managing a change and strategic control system to monitor the strategy implementation process.

Unit -1: Introduction to strategy

> The Environment-Competitive forces (Five forces Model) - Swot Analysis - Strategic Capabilities - Organization Resources; Core Competencies; Value Chain, System and Network, feedback and review / Case analysis.

Unit -2: Corporate and business level strategy

Business portfolio management - BCG - GE approach - Integration - Diversification - Alliance - Merger and Acquisition. Market Development and product development - feedback and review / case analysis.

What is strategic planning? Strategic planning is a management tool, period. As with any management tool, it is used for one purpose only: to help an organization do a better job - to focus its energy, to ensure that members of the organization are working toward the same goals, to assess and adjust the organization's direction in response to a changing environment. In short, strategic planning is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it, with a focus on the future. (Adapted from Bryson's Strategic Planning in Public and Nonprofit Organizations).

A word by word dissection of this definition provides the key elements that underlie the meaning and success of a strategic planning process: The process is strategic because it involves preparing the best way


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