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Reserch Proposal

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Simplecall is a recently established internet based electronic components trading company employing a small group of geographically dispersed telesales agents, business administration and engineering personnel.Which headoffice is 102 whitecheaple London E1 4dl.

Projected sales for year 2011 are upwards of £.5 million in positive revenues. Operating margins were initially forecasted to be on the tight side through the first quarter of 2011 however the gap has been gradually expanding over the past quarter as a result of un-realized sales opportunities and an increase in operating overhead.

It has become evident that a study of the existing business processes may be necessary to determine just were the deficiencies lie and if a change in marketing efforts are required to correct the deviations prior to the need to implement cost cutting measures that may have a negative impact on moral.

This study will explore the relationship, which may exist, between resource allocation and current sales margins. An attempt will be made to determine the causation of insufficient captured sales in order to meet operating overhead and 2011 sales projections. The area of examination will include basic sales prospect handling, worker motivation theory, and a blending of those theories in current situational or contingency models concerning sales management.

my experience suggests that there is understated resource and skills allocated to ensure sales productivity. The study may be useful to people interested in these problems, who may be in other businesses or service organizations.

Research proposal

The proposed research will be utilized to implement appropriate sales and marketing strategies to support management projections.


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