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Proposal for New Marker Strategy for Koutons Retail India Pvt. Ltd

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Proposal for new marker strategy for Koutons Retail India Pvt. Ltd

Aliasgar Bohra

Semester 11.1

Lecturer- Fankar imam

Assignment #1,(i)

Raffles design international

Table of content:-

i) Table of content

1) Introduction

2) Company profile

3) Strategic Focus and Plan

4) Situation analysis

a. Swot analysis

b. Industry analysis

c. Competitors analysis

d. Company analysis

e. Consumers analysis

5) Product market focus

a. Marketing and product objective

b. Point of difference

c. Positioning

6) Marketing programme

7) Financial data and projections

8) Implementation plan

9) Evaluation and control

Existing business need exclusive business plan in market strategy:-

The Indian retail industry in the fifth largest in the world, as compare to other sector like organised and unorganised, retail industry increased the GDP of the India. The retail market is increasing gross business with the Indian market. This retailer introduced the new things to the market with lots of new scheme and increases the monetary potential for India.

Company profile-

Koutons Retail India Ltd. is the eight retailer of readymade and fashion wear brand in India. Kouton has more than 1400 outlet around the country including corporate, formal and casual dressings. Kouton provide the product for all family in one place, its outlet start in 1991 as Charlie Creation and now kouton retail India ltd.

1. Strategic Focus and Plan

The koutons was the leading retailer company but because of using and not understanding the sale promotion offers, this company facing the financial crisis long back. The koutons facing losses and has closed down more than 350 stores and is offering higher discounts to check losses. In week 3, I will do research


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