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Portland Drake Beverages (pdb) Marketing

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Crescent pure delivered the concept of product positioning being an important element of market planning. It is the method used by the marketers in order to find the best possible way to deliver their product to the targeted group. As per the case, Portland Drake Beverages (PDB) acquired Crescent in July 2013. so as to augmentation its current organic product lines by launching an item which consolidates energy-enhancing, hydrating, and all-organic ingredients. Ryan, the VP of marketing for PDB, was requested to give proposal on the positioning strategies. Two options are as follow. 1. Energy-drink positioning or 2. Sports-drink positioning. I also attached SWOT Analysis comparison between Energy Drink and Sports Drinks for this case to determine the company’s position with market place in Appendix 1.

1. Given that Crescent is PDB's first entry in the U.S. sports and/or energy beverage markets, what must PDB do in regard to Crescent's pending launch?

Before the launch of Crescent Pure PCB should devise a positioning strategy. Given the one of kind characteristics of Crescent Pure, it can be situated in three distinctive ways. Crescent Pure contains hydrating components which could bolster the situating as a sports drink. Crescent’s $2.75 price is relatively higher than the average price in this segment. If Crescent Pure positions the drink as a they should offer the drink at a lower cost with a specific end goal to contend in this segment. While the low sugar content and certified organic label can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage.

Another positioning strategy could be to position Crescent as an organic, all-natural drink. The company can promote healthy options and advantages of consuming an organic drink versus non-organic. There is a now growing market of organic products. So, who only sell organic products they can be targeted. The caffeine substance of Crescent is identical to a cup of coffee. This could be


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