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Online Shopping Market Research

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Background and Rational

According to Arbraham (2016), an online survey shows that even though 92 percent of Canadians admitted shopping online, only 15 percent had brought food online. However, a research done by Forrester Research shows that the upward trend in online food shopping is only going to continue (Forrester Research, 2015). With this customers' shopping habit changes, it is vital for grocery companies to provide online grocery delivery service to stay in a top position of the market. Grocery retailers are still not active about this trend especially Safeway, which has not provide any online food shopping option yet. In order to stay its position on grocery market and even to increase its advantages, it is clear that Safeway should provide online grocery delivery service. This research will test hypotheses to show that why online grocery shopping is necessary for Safeway and benefits of benchmarking UK food retailers to avoid mistakes and increase success rate on this new service.


Canadian customers' online shopping habits are changing from in-store shopping to online shopping.

It is profitable for Safeway to lunch online grocery shopping service and it would benefit Safeway to expand customer base and improve customer satisfaction.

Safeway will require benchmarking from UK food retailers in order to success in online shopping service and stay competitive in the grocery market.

Research Approach

Due to the purpose of this research is to evaluate online grocery delivery option for Safeway, it is clear that the philosophy of positivism will guide this study. According to O'Leary (2007), positivism claims the scientific knowledge and the scientific method. This is to say, by the guidance


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