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Media Market and It's Challenges Abroad

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Media Market and It's Challenges Abroad.

A media market or mass media refers to all media technologies which are meant to reach a large audience via mass communication. It's one of the fast growing industries around the world and also the market where the companies seek to expand worldwide. One of mass media market companies is MTV was founded in 1981. A channel was dedicated to music was in need, since the music industry was constantly expanding and getting popularity among youth. MTV was a learning experience that gradually and completely changed the future of Rock n' Roll. In the years of 1984-1985, MTV started to find its place in the music and entertainment industry. MTV brought artists and bands into the mainstream, often bringing them to immediate celebrity due to regular publicity. MTV was expanding and gaining many fans along the way. MTV had no competition until Tuesday Jan.1, 1985, when VH1 premiered as a twenty four hour music video channel. Still MTV had nothing to fear since VH1 invaded to an adult audience, while MTV focused mainly on teens and young adults. In 1987 MTV launched its television network in Europe, with its headquarter based in London. It was called MTV Europe and had just few channels for some European countries. Today MTV remains MTV Networks Europe's most popular brand as of October 2008 reaching more than 218,186,000 million homes across Europe. On October of 2007 Company launched MTV Arabia. It's the result of joint venture between MTV Networks International and Arabian Television Network. In the beginning company had several issued related to differences in cultures and religions. Couple months ago I read a case of MTV invading to market in Middle East. And it was interesting to read how company met challenges. Company has a policy "Think Globally, Act Locally". Since the company operates multinational and multicultural one of the main strategies it uses in foreign countries, is adopting to culture, environment and find the preferences of local spectators.

"Think Globally, Act Locally".

The adopted strategy "Think globally, act locally" points to the excellent and right choice of using approach in Middle East. MTV came across the audience with the population of 65% young people, who make up 190 million spectators. This will give great potential for growth. "We aren't positioning MTV as a music channel. We're a youth lifestyle platform, offering young people a place for self-expression in all aspects of their lives", says MTV's Bhavneet Singh, while talking about the challenges of launching MTV Arabia. Though ,the media market in Middle East is one of the challenging, the reason is to find deliberate method to bring high-quality international music, that will strategically fit to cultural sensitive environment. It has been very difficult


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