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Lenovo Pc Marketing Principles Group Assignment

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Lenovo PC

        Lenovo is an innovative technology company that makes many electronic product for the consumers. The company was founded in 1984. From 1996, the sales of the computers are the top in China’s market. In 2013, the sales of Lenovo’s PC become the top in global market and becoming the world's fourth largest PC manufacturer. With increasing living standard, the demand of computers also increasing. Many manufacturers are interesting in PC market, at the same time the competitor of Lenovo also increasing. Let’s look into the strategies that Lenovo company taken to meet the competition.


        The Lenovo PC’s product strategy is put more importance on the development of the function, requires the product have a desirable feature and put the product function on the first place. The product positioning into middle end market and high end market. IdeaPad is the middle end household product, ThinkPad is the high end commercial product.


        Lenovo is according the different market positioning and developed different pricing strategies. Product pricing is a corporate strategy that based on the company image and brand value. Lenovo have establish the high end product ThinkPad’s image by guide the development product and technology innovation and the pricing strategy is reduce the price in order to attract more consumers to purchase. In fact, reducing the price to increase more sales are risky especially in the high end product. It may be loss the original high end loyal consumers, they will think about reduce price is it the quality of product reduce or there have some problem with the product, and also reduce price cannot guarantee that other customers will purchase the product.


        Lenovo normally through distributors, retailers, dealers and online channels to sell the PC product. Lenovo company sell the product to distributors and distributors sell the product to retailers and dealers, then the retailers and dealers sell the product to customers. Besides, the schools, government agencies and major enterprise will be request high quantities of the computers. Lenovo sell the product directly to these big customers and online channels.


Lenovo pay more attention on the stage of the trade to understand customers’ needs and desires, devises short term plans to increase the consumption, attracting other brands of customers and potential customer to buy the product. For example, Lenovo advertise its product on social media, as a sponsorship in Olympic and involve in some public activities such as fund raising events and charity shows.


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