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Leadreship Skills

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I would like to be a transformational leader. The pillar of transactional leadership rides on the realization that the leader wields power and mandate over his and subjects gives incentives in order that the followers give in to his demands. This type of leadership appeals to me because it triggers or bolsters the followers to disregard self interests and operate for the welfare of the organization to attain significant success (Forster, 2012). In such king of an environment, I will be able to put emphasis on establishing a vision that prevails upon the followers to advance significant transformations. As a transformational leader, I believe I will be able wield immense impact on the beliefs of my followers with reference to what the organization must become and also on the values of the followers. I will also be able to accord my followers direction so that that they are in a position to attain the organizational goals.

While I agree that various types of leadership add value to organizations, I chose transformational leadership because, from an organizational perspective, it guaranteed that; the  leader had the goals and objectives of the organization shared with his followers; the followers comprehended and share the vision of the leader; the followers embrace the permanent vision of the leader with delight and enthusiasm; the followers embrace and share with enthusiasm the hurdles regarding their professional growth and accomplishment that came from the strategic resolution; and that the followers embraced and shared their tasks in the organization with joy (Forster, 2012). In this kind of leadership, the relationship is mutual and the followers can draw significance from their work. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of transformational leadership is that it allows the leaders to take interests in the affairs of the followers.  By making the affairs of the followers a priority, the leader is able to respond to particular, rare requirements of the followers to ascertain that they are incorporated in the change initiative of the organization. The followers are accorded individual treatment with reference to their knowledge and gifts or rather talents and with the objective of permitting them to attain the highest heights of success than might otherwise have been attained.


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