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5 Skills for the Students Future

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Tony Wagner identified the necessity of having prepared youth for the future. He talks about skills that actually are not learned at school but these key skills could be the reason for a successful future both personal and professional.

Unfortunately our education system is not capable of accept the challenge and start to teach how to develop this skills inside the classroom. The programs are too old and they just see in a local way instead of look around and see that globalization is already above us.

Then the unique solution for this is to start to develop (by ourselves) hardcore the skill 1 “critical thinking and problem solution”, because if we identify that we must be aware of the 6 next skills first we must analyze what is going on outside our environment, what the society needs from us and then we must evaluate what is missing inside us. And then the problem solutions come, we must start to change the way we think, do, react, innovate, create etc.

But maybe Tony Gagner forgot some skill very important: take advantage properly of the time. Youth get distracted easily with things that won’t take them anything good for their professional future. The management of time is an important issue that not only young people but adults must develop because is another key for start to apply the skills Tony Gagner talked about.

Taking advantage of the time give us the possibility of mix each skill and then became our mind in an open and large scope tool for a change. How?

Maybe we would analyze and understand other cultures and influence then with our contribution (skill# 2: Collaboration across networks and leading by influence) then this skill can be combined with the skill # 5 because having an effective communication with other cultures and ways of thinking our ideas can be easily transmitted and accepted. Because the notion of time tells us that the world is moving faster than us so we must react


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