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The Correct Teaching Skill

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Ethics are the general rules that people follow in society today. If people say something rude or disgusting, the correct ways to ask them that is wrong. America is different racial country. Culture, school and religion both are sources of ethics, that culture is based on different race in society which group’s system of shared, learned values and norms are the group’s design for living. Our behavior influenced by our culturally, such as Chinese thinking is conservative than Western. Chinese avoid talking about sex always, if the children ask questions about that. They don’t know how to explain about sex and feeling embarrass to talk; both are main reasons cause them avoid questions.

America provides sex lecture at university, which can teach more correct knowledge for student. Much of the students do not have knowledge for sex enough, they through media, game and friend’s experience to get in touch with sex always.

The lecturers should be applying correct materials to teach and lead student learn what is correct concept about sex.

School received a lot of complaints from parents, after sex lecture. I believe nationals from different culture, country and religion in America, that their point of ethics are not similar. Some of students were curious about sex which feeling excited after lecture. On the other hand, the sex lecture news reported by newspapers, which makes a lot of response from society. Somebody was agreeing with his lecture, but most people were not agreeing his way.

I suppose if still arrange sex lecture tutored in school that should not have a show as a model. Every student comes from different countries; they have their culture, religion and individual moral code. The lecturer should be considering this factor first, then whether should be having a show as a model.

The lecturer cannot teach anymore, if he is teach in Hong Kong. There are many Buddhists in Hong Kong that


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