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Leadership Feedback: Importance to Employee Success

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I. Creative Title

Leadership Feedback: Importance to Employee Success

II. Summary of the Article

The article emphasizes that most of the managers are afraid of giving feedback to employees because of fear of hurting employees’ feelings and dealing with potential drama and retribution thereafter. The article was based on the survey conducted online by Harris Poll which showed that 69% of the managers said that they’re uncomfortable with communicating with employees and 37% mentioned that they’re not comfortable to give direct feedback about their employees’ performance especially if they think that the employee will not respond positively to the feedback given. Other items where managers are uncomfortable in giving feedback are demonstrating vulnerability, recognizing employee achievements, giving clear directions, crediting others with having good ideas and speaking face to face rather than by email.

According to the author, Lou Salomon, the dark side of sugar coating and escaping honest feedback is dysfunction and disconnection, which leads to an unproductive team. She listed five guidelines for the managers to follow whenever they are faced with difficult feedback conversation with an employee. First, be direct but kind. Examine your motives before jumping into the discussion. If you see growth for the employee, the manager should be direct in saying it and must not beat around the bush. Give specific desired behaviours to be clear of what you mean. Second is the manager should listen. Listening delivers a space in which both participants feel respected. As a manager, you must understand the situation together to make a positive change. An article by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman published in showed that respondents rated their managers as highly effective at listening felt more positively about the manager’s ability to give feedback. The third guideline is don’t make it personal. The manager must acknowledge the emotions being felt during a feedback conversation. Do not take things personally and offer the recipient a relief valve for the stress. Next is be present. Show up fully for the discussion, and do not rush off once it’s done. Be strong enough to let moments of silence to come into the discussion. You need to follow through so that after thoughts don’t create imagined distance. Lastly, inspire greatness. The manager must be able to communicate clearly his aspirations for the person you’re giving feedback to.

III. Review


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