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How Dell Company Motivate Their Employee?

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How Dell Company motivate their employee?

In Dell Company, they don't think that books or seminars can build motivation. Dell said that a company should know their employee. We can get their information during work time. That information are about their families and friends, their background and also their ambition. All of that is valuable information for an employer who wants to find effective ways to motivate his employees. Dell Company has suggested four effective ways to motivate employee.

1. Ensure a positive work environment

If u as an employer that heard got any internal conflict or office politics that are creating unpleasant work environment, you need to fix it as fast as u can. What u had listened and what u acted will be a sign that u care about creating a positive environment for their employees to work.

2. Foster teamwork

Dell Company encourages team work. Employer needs to make sure every employee know that they are playing an important role in every job that they are taking. All the success they get is through the team work together but not only one person duty. Employer needs to strengthen the notion that your company is a team and that when you win, they win too. When your employees get a big deal, make sure everyone share the successes.

3. Get creative about rewards and incentives

Nowadays, money is not an attractive rewards or incentives that can motivate employees. What they hope today is a more flexible working hour. For example, they maybe hope that they have the opportunity work at home one day a week. Or maybe, if a person gets a big deal for company, an employer could offer extra leave as a reward. As a result, when you show you're willing to be flexible to meet your employees' needs you'll likely discover your employees will reward you.


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