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Ideal Job

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Write a two-page description of your ideal job. Spend time letting

your imagination conjure up a specific picture of your job, and

don't let negative impulses (" I could never get a job like that!")

interfere with your creative vision. Be sure to address each of the

four dimensions of your ideal job:

(1.) Physical setting and environment in which you would like

to spend your working hours.

(2.) Types of activities and responsibilities you would to spend

your time performing.

(3.)Kinds of people you would like to be working with

(4.) Personal goals and accomplishments you would like to

achieve as part of your work

My ideal job would be a job that will help me enhance my

knowledge and skills. A job that will help me to grow personally

and professionally as a person.The ideal job will make me interested

to work and give my best performance every day. It would be a place

that is motivated, a place where pay is great and a place you would

love to work at. An ideal place is also where I am comfortable with

my co-workers, a secure place, a fulfilling place, and a rewarding job

with great benefits for employers and employees. My ideal job is

having flexible hour, expectations with ability to voice feedback.


job.html ). It's a job that allows me to grow in the organization and

where job makes the most of my qualifications and abilities and give

me a chance to challenge myself.

A physical setting and environment is where there is good

communications, great teamwork


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