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Hsbc Bangladesh Human Resource Management - the Role of the Individual in Career Development

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Table of Contents



Literature Review        

Career management        

Career Development        

The role of the Individual in Career Development        

The role of the Manager in Career Development        

The role of Employee in Career Development        

Career Planning        

Career Motivation        

Succession management        



References/ Bibliography        


The  goal of making this report is to clarify the importance of Career Planning and Career Development in today’s life. Career Development  is just as critical from a individual's perspective and also from an association's perspective. This paper means to talk about this issue under the light of corporate cases. The paper continues with diverse parts in career planning and Succession management. I also discussed in this report the role of individual, manager and employee in Career Development.


The term career implies the unraveling grouping of a man's work encounters after some time (Arthur, Hall, and Lawrence 1989) .A career can be characterized as a succession of different paid and unpaid job that one attempts amid his or her lifetime. When we discuss career, it fundamentally alludes to the callings and posts one attempts however different things like way of life, exercises with companions and so on likewise have just as essential influence in our profession. Prior, career implied individuals taking after the trails of their progenitors, basically resigning in same occupation yet these days, it's an extremely boundless term, career are exceptionally progressive. Presently, career are limit less. Career are not limited to one single organization, field or country. Individuals change their organizations, occupations or even the business they work in. A great deal of different variables like workplace, self improvement, security and so forth hold a considerable measure more significance now. Organizations go further ahead now giving the chances to its representatives for career improvement in the desire for dedication and better yield. Thus, in this period of dynamism, dealing with your profession or career management is critical. We should talk about it now (Hayes & Ninemeier, 2013 )


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