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Human Resource Management Individual Paper

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Human Resource Management Individual Paper

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)       for Employee Selection and Testing

12132061D LIU Zezhou



Why do I want to write about this topic

In the third year of my university life, I realized that it’s time to find some internship opportunity to improve my work experience as there is not much time for me to get prepared for my work career after graduation. Therefore, I began to apply the internship of some companies which I am interested in. What’s interesting is the different applying process those companies apply. Some only asked for my CV by e-mail, some required me to go to their office space to fill in a lot of information form, and some even asked me to do an online test. This difference inspire my thinking. I realized that how many information they acquired from me will indeed affect their selection and it’s troublesome for me to go to the office space comparing with sitting in front of computer. Those company who can make good use of internet procedure can save a lot of effort on selection. At the meantime, my Human Resource Management course just talk about the topic of employee testing and selection. Combine my experience with what I have learnt from the course, I decide to take this topic as my individual paper.

What can be learned

From this paper, by studying Human Resource Information System as an aspect of electronic human resource management and its application on employee testing and selection, we can learn its importance to business organizations. The future trend of making selection for organizations will also be presented.

Main objectives

The main objective of this paper is to analyze the development of employee testing and selection from paper-and-pencil to computer-based by introducing HRIS and ATS, including the main concept and theories, their importance to business organization, and how do they improve the productivity of selection.

Support my ideas

To support my discussion, some knowledge as well as models taught in the course will be applied. Such as the concept of testing and selection, reliability and validity testing model, selection methods like computerized and online testing, last but not the least Automated Applicant Tracking and Screening Systems (ATS) as well as Unproctored Internet testing (UIT) will be applied as example.

Structure of this paper

This paper will firstly address some problems existing in the employee testing and selection process by comparing their methods in traditional and in Human Resource Information System. Then, some theories and models including what have been mentioned above will be stated and explained, where my own real world experience will also be combined. After that, the problems mentioned will be analyzed base on those theories and models. Finally, the conclusion will be presented.


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