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What Did I Gain from Reading the Book?

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1. What did I gain from reading the book?

I am not very fond of reading books at all. I would rather watch the movie. This inadvertently caused me to have a connection with Will as he liked movies. He broke his theory down by relating it to something that most people like. And I happen to love movies myself. That made an already interesting book even more interesting to me.

I go to meetings on a regular basis. I have one every Tuesday and every Wednesday. I also attend a monthly meeting that is spread out over three days for two hours each of those days. Are the meetings that I attend boring and monotonous? The monthly meeting that I attend is both of those. But I think that is just because that particular set of meetings has my boss and my boss’ boss in attendance. And neither one of them are anything like Casey, so I would not be able to make a change to those meetings. Now the other two meetings are with my people that are my peers.

After reading this book I took it upon myself to start mining for conflict in my weekly meetings even though I am not the lead. To my astonishment, it worked pretty well. It began to get people engaging in the meeting that would have otherwise never said a word. I watched people light up and smile that were usually very melancholy at these meetings. But I also noticed that some got pretty upset that their ideas were not being chosen as they normally were. You see those particular people were usually the loudest among us and it seemed that their ideas were the only ideas being brought to the table. My thought was to change that.

I know the people in the meeting fairly well enough to notice slight discomfort and anger at times which provoked me to provoke them into bringing up a new point of view. The crazy thing is that most of the quieter people that attend these meetings are not quiet at all when outside of that room. It is almost as if that room takes the life out of them. But I found that their life was still fully intact


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