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Business Communications Writing Critique

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DATE:          December 11, 2015

TO:               Della Whitcomb

FROM:         Preston McKercher, Supply Chain Student PM

SUBJECT:   Business Communications Writing Critique

CC:              Andrew Marchus, Teaching Assistant

Due to the recent adjustments implemented to my assignments, it is clear that formatting and sentence flow should improve. I am planning on redesigning the structure of each paragraph to coordinate with the main subject or topic. In my two documents, the executive summary and progress report, minor punctuation and sentence structure mistakes occurred. These revised documents have been attached for your viewing discretion Dr. Whitcomb.

The executive summary helped me realize the importance of material covered in an individual paragraph, helping to maintain wording for a business report. Each sentence must pertain to an original idea, making an attempt to elaborate on the subject described in the introduction. The progress report provided the importance of each sentence in a paragraph referring to the original and initial sentence written. Each sentence must pertain to an original idea, making an attempt to elaborate on the subject described in the introduction. The comments you provide to my paper prove useful for potential success on upcoming assignments.

I will ask specific questions to knowledgeable professors to create a better learning experience. Fellow students are available to peer review and share opinions to increase my overall grade in the upcoming Business Communications class next semester.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any immediate concerns or questions. I will prepare further discussions with the Texas A&M Writing Center for early document review, and I hope to successfully have the writing issues fixed for the executive summary, and progress report attachments.

Executive Summary

Warner Bros. Entertainment (Warner Bros.) partakes in the filming industry, most famous for its formula of movie production and historic success. Warner Bros. for quite some time has been among the top performers of motion picture studios. President of production, Jeff Robinov, understands film success comes from box office revenue. In 2003, the price to produce a movie increased 15 percent. Mr. Robinov was responsible for spearheading the movie selection process. Robinov and his team of 20 solicited ideas and scripts from numerous sources began to realize his process of filmmaking would need to take a different direction. For this new process, employees met with one another to discuss ideas and suggestions developed by Alan Horn, president of Warner Bros.


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