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To Provide Every Book and Stationary Item to Our Valuable Customers at Their Doorstep in a Short Span of Time

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Wajahat Aslam

                                     (Founder & CEO)



e would like to dedicate this accomplishment to our beloved Parents and Respected Instructor Professor Muhammad Ali with the support of whom we are standing at this step of our life.


Firstly, we would want to pay our heartiest gratitude to ALLAH ALMIGHTY who is the source of wisdom and knowledge. For He enabled us to complete this project with all good health and mind.

I would wish to express my sincere gratitude to our instructor Professor Muhammad Ali for his guidance, support, suggestions and motivation. His guidance played a very vital role to complete this project.

Business Plan

Name:            Book Genie

Address          Flat no.3, room no.5, Gold Mine Plaza,

                        Ferozepur Road Lahore, Pakistan.

Mobile:           0301-6386242




Mobile App:    Book Genie

General description

Mission Statement

Goals:                  To provide every book and stationary item to our valuable customers at their doorstep in a short span of time.


Objectives:              Our objective is to target universities, colleges and

        Schools of Lahore city in a year.

Business Philosophy

Target Market:         Our Target market is all universities, colleges and schools of Lahore city. But initially we will target Punjab University (IBA, Halley, IAS and IBIT department), Punjab college Muslim Town campuses and FCCU.

Business Type:        Service & Product industry. It is a growth industry business that provides online product.

Long & Short Term Changes:         We initially provide stationary items and books of matriculation, intermediate and business books but later on, In Sha Allah, we will start providing all kinds of books and stationary items.


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