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People Can’t Survive Without Technology

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Daviny Ingram

Mrs. Kambui

Eng 101


People Can’t Survive Without Technology

        Technology provides entertainment and makes life easier. People enjoy entertainment from television programs, online videos and gaming systems. There are streaming programs available to the public that limits commercials and allows the user to choose any show of their choice. The people that once read books now use electronic tablets to read and study. Individuals who have extra money can buy cars that start themselves with the push of a button, and eventually will be able to buy cars that drive themselves. Technology is simplifying life. People use too much technology, and that can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, a lack of social skills, and a stunt in mental growth.

        Technology can be beneficial if it used carefully, just like anything else. It can motivate someone to exercise by tracking their progress and steps, count their calories, or keep them on track with their schedule. However, an opposite effect can happen. Technology can change everyday tasks such as shopping, staying busy and staying content. Instead of going to the local market, a simple click on the internet can purchase just about anything. Instead of going to the park or going for a walk when bored, getting on a social media app can burn some time instead. A 2017 paper published by the Sedentary Behavior Research Network found that only 21 percent of adults are meeting the 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activities each week, and only 5 percent perform more than 30 minutes of physical activities per day (Falck, 2018). There is a certain quality about technology that makes sitting on your phone to socialize more appealing than actually going outside and socializing.

Staying on a computer or phone rather than going outside can lead to several problems. A study on Scottish youth found that excess screen time can lead to increased loneliness, depression, withdrawal, anxiety, attention problems, and aggression (Rosen, 2015). Another important cause of too much screen time is sleep problems. Using any type of screen prior to going to sleep can affect the sleep cycle (Rosen, 2015). Young children and teenagers are using this kind of technology with limited supervision and control. With how new this lifestyle is, there is no telling how much damage it is causing.


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