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Technology Facilitates Lives of People in Almost All Aspect of Life

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Technology facilitates lives of people in almost all aspect of life. One of the most significant fields that technology is used in the field of healthcare. A WiFi network is used in the hospitals. Using the WiFi networks in the hospitals has great affect on both patients and the doctors. In the hospitals, the mobile phone cannot be used, so the WiFi network replaces it. The London Hospital NHS Trust is used the WiFi networks in the hospital of Royal London. This situation makes the environment in the hospital that the network can be used as a co-operative network. As a result, the staff of the hospital can use the network and communicate with each other. Furthermore, Howe, who is the head of ICT client services, said that because of having a high access of the WiFi, they can offer the services of both location and voice in the hospitals. Because of having the large number of access points, it is an easy task to have the internet access in the hospital. The Trust hospital has 77 access points in two strategic places, which are emergency and accident departments. There are three applications of health services that the network is used in them. The first one is Vocera active badges. This one is used to offering the voice telephone and location services for the members of the hospital or the staff. Another one is RFID tagging, which is used to the tools of the clinic by using the WiFi tags of Aeroscout. The third one is Mobile Clinical Assistance, which is used to help medical staff. The network system that is used in the hospital has more than 77 access points. Howe claims that this environment to get benefits from the WiFi at a high range in both location services and voice applications. Another benefit of using WiFi in the hospitals is using for monitoring children. RFID can locate any children in the hospital at wherever they are.

There are some difficulties in using WiFi in the Bart’s hospital. The difficulty is when the new building is established


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