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People Often Wonder What the True Religion Is

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People often wonder what the true religion is. All religions follow at least one basic concept, belief in God. While some believe in one God others believe in many. Muslims believe Islam is the true final religion.

All religions have been changed; their scriptures and books have been changed, and their beliefs have been changed too. However, Islam is the only religion whose book, the Quran, has never been changed and will never be changed. It is God's promise "We have revealed this Book and We will protect It". (Quran 15:9) One example of Muslims belief not changing is they still dress the same way today as they used during the Prophets times. If you see pictures of Mary and Jesus, you will see that practicing Muslims still dress the way Mary and Jesus dressed. That's because Muslims believe God's laws never change. We are required to be modest that's why Muslims still dress the same way.

Some religions were not complete, like Judaism or Christianity. Judaism isn't complete because they knew that a prophet was supposed to come who was supposed to be like Moses. Christians believe that the chosen prophet who was supposed to come was Jesus. However Jesus was not like Moses. Jesus was not born a natural birth, nor did he die a natural birth and Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God. He did not even live a long life to be an example for his people, to show people how to live. Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet. They believe Muhammed was the chosen prophet who supposed to be like Moses and that Muhammed was the last prophet. Muhammed had many similarities to Moses; they both taught to believe in one God, they both married and had children, and both had to migrate to other lands.

When the Prophet Muhammed was young, many people including Christians, just by looking at him could tell that he was going to be a prophet, because in their Bibles they had descriptions of how the last prophet would look


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