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Wicca - Commonly Misunderstood and Misconstrued Religion

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Wicca is a commonly misunderstood and misconstrued religion. Many people belive that Wiccans, those who chose to follow Wicca, are Witches and Warlocks that practice nothing but dark magic and that they worship the Devil or similar demons. All of these accusations are wrong. To give everyone a better understanding of the religion I suppose I should start with the basics. Wicca is a Paganistic Earth-based religion. This means that we worship many Gods and Goddesses and that the Earth is the most precious thing that we have. Wiccans also do not intentionally cause harm to or "curse" other people. Wiccans believe that anything you do will come back threefold. Wiccans believe that everthing on this beautiful Earth is alive. Everything from the rocks to the very air we breathe. Wiccans have a God or Goddess to represent everthing that is. God of the Earth, God of Fire, God of the Sun, Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of Air, etc. Anyway what I am trying to say is even though you might not believe that there is more than one God or you might not believe the same things that we Wiccans do, keep your criticism to yourself because we do not like being told that we are wrong any more than you would if a Wiccan were to walk up to you wether you be a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or whatever religion you may practice and tell you that your religion is wrong.


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