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The Culture and Subculture of Me and Are All Religions Cults?

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I belong to Chinese culture, and I love all of thing in Chinese culture. I speak Chinese most of time. Chinese food is my favorite. Always, my main food is rice or noodle in meal and I will use chopsticks to eat. Sometimes, I will buy some steamed buns to be my tea time. In many Chinese festivals, there will be a lot of characteristics of food, such as moon cake, New Year cake and rice Ball (sweet dumpling).

I am absolutely a member of youth subculture. Because using computer is my daily thing to do. Furthermore, I will use mobile phone whatever I am in the street or bus. I think I am also a member of nerd subculture. Because nerds always stay at home and watch comic or play game. So some of them are awkward, shy and unattractive.

No, not all religions are cults. In most religions, believers will praise god or goddess. Religion emphasizes that love, God's mercy and freedom are very important. Its liturgy is officiated by priests. Religion is actively concerned with social betterment, charity and building a community of believers and it involves almsgiving and donations for missionary activity. But in cults, followers praise a charismatic leader who is holding a particular theory about truth and demanding absolute loyalty to themselves and organization. Cult emphasizes cult's survival, blind obedience, punishment and impending doom. Its liturgy is officiated by the leader. Cult manipulates of members' emotions, hopes and dreams and it often uses ruthless method to control. Sometimes, it is selling of magical elixirs and/or ill-founded philosophies. Followers adopt new names and family identity and they separated from the outside world.


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