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Cross Culture Lacoste

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It's always a familiar paradox to the $2 billion apparel brand, one that's experienced a revival of striking proportions. Today's Lacoste stands for youth, color, coolness, style and luxury due representation on Madison Avenue and in modern boutiques. Lacoste U.S. sales rose 70% in 2005.

even today, it's a brand rooted squarely in its history, says Mr. Siegel, chairman-CEO of Lacoste USA. That's why, when Lacoste brought Mr. Siegel, who had been consulting for the company, on board in 2002, he felt so strongly that Lacoste still had legs. "It's the real deal, it has a history,'' says Mr. Siegel, a 29-year Levi Strauss veteran, launching Dockers, and former Stride Rite CEO.

Lacoste's history dates to 1933, when Rene Lacoste first marketed the polo shirt. General Mills owned the Lacoste license in the 1980s, pairing the crocodile logo with the Izod name in the U.S. Prices and quality were low, and the subsequent cost-cutting and inability to meet demand all but killed the brand. Lacoste French parent Devanlay bought back the brand, left the marketplace for a few years, then re-emerged in 1992 with a plan to sell only in better stores and open Lacoste retail boutiques. Still, the company struggled in the U.S.

Joining the company, Mr. Siegel's goal was two-fold: Leverage Lacoste's rich heritage, but rebuild the brand to make it resonate to a new market

Lacoste is the 13th favorite French apparel brand. It is even ranked the 7th preferred apparel brand for men aged between 35 and 49 years (Lewi 2000). Lacoste always had a brand image related to men in golf and tennis, but it is now transformed and feminized (new colors and new styles of clothing). Since its inception, the brand Lacoste remained closely linked to the world of sports (tennis, golf and yachting) and is participating in its success. These sports have long been reserved for the elite,


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