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Negotiation Cross Culture

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What Is Culture?

Culture is a complex pattern of ideas, emotions

and observable manifestations (behaviors and

symbols) that tend to be expected, reinforced

and rewarded by and within a particular group.

Culture manifests itself in tangible ways, such

as in language, food, dress, rituals, customs, art

and music. But culture also consists of

intangible components, such as values, beliefs,

assumptions and the emotions with which

these are invested.

Culture can be thought of as an iceberg. The

visible portion of the iceberg consists of the

tangible elements, and the invisible, larger part

consists of the intangible components. Thus,

the tip of the iceberg can be said to consist of observable manifestations of culture, whereas

the thick, much more powerful block of ice below the surface of the water consists of the

thoughts and feelings that are associated with and connected to these behaviors. If these

thoughts and feelings remain invisible to us, and we have no insights into them, if we see only

behaviors different from our own, then, like any unsuspecting ship, we may run into the

iceberg and founder. This series will help keep you afloat.

The Five Aspects of Cross-Cultural Competence



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