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Cross-Cultural Perspectives

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Cross-Cultural Perspectives





The Nike Corporation is beyond a reasonable doubt a prestigious and famous global organization. Since its creation, the company has been outsourcing in other markets outside the U.S. for cheap labor. The corporation initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports and founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, and since then has turned to other nations like Japan in order to save money on the production and labor cost. As the corporation continued expanding their products’ line, they as well expanded their outsourcing for their success to various countries including Pakistan. Pakistan is where the firm faced grave allegations in relation to child labor and poor working conditions (DeTienne and Lewis, 2005). The allegations claimed there were children stitching football balls produced by the company. It is in Sialkot where the soccer balls were mainly produced with a considerable number of children being hired for stitching balls.

There are different views postulated by different cultures and countries in relation to child responsibility. In essence, the perception of childhood and responsibility varies across countries, within a solitary culture, and within different ethnic groups. For instance, in some undeveloped, poor areas likes Sialkot, Pakistan, according to parents, there is nothing with children working in order to help their families (Khan, 2010). Conversely, in the United States, there are child labor laws safeguarding children from taking such responsibility laid on them at a tender age. For poor families such as the Pakistani families, having their children working to supporting their families is a necessity. In essence, the issue of child labor affects the Corporation (Nike) and its interactions exterior to the U.S. After news concerning the events in Pakistan, there were significant changes in the manner of operation of the organization in order to avoid scandals. They started adhering to strict regulations and paying attention to means their


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