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Cross Cultural Perspectives

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Cross Cultural Perspectives

Sandra Komm

February 9, 2013


Christy Vilavanh

The 1996/1997 World Telecommunications Development Report as well as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) the factors of the telecommunications system there is no possible way as for anyone to foresee the future of the telecommunications even in the next few years. The systems of today will be antiques in the next few years, no more rotary dials, no more party lines, things our grandparents marveled at will no longer be.

The majority if not all the telecommuting competitors will have to be open and controlled by the global regulations not the national regulations or state regulations. The network systems will have more information and data than the voice lines of today. This will come about by the factors of technology, businesses becoming global and markets becoming liberalized. These are adding to the increase race to be the industries top communication as in the past there was an existence of the companies trying to better each other, now they are trying to become one and cooperate and help the systems together.

January 1, 1998 was the date set by the World Trade Organization for the liberalization of telecom markets for just about the whole world. It also happened on this date, as well the European Union’s top leaders, in their economy agreed to full competition with their voice and data services. When the requests for more services increase which will have to row due to all of the data, which we are already seeing brought on by the internet services and companies as well as people using it instead of writing or other forms of communication. So therefore the prices for the other forms of communication will increase or services will be cut or limited to restrictions, including higher prices for the service. The cost for the telecommunications will decrease in time as more people will use these aspects of communications. Example of this today is the interconnection rates, which is the price one operator charges a rival operators to connect into the network to complete your call. In the United Kingdom these fees are lower as the have full competition for years unlike any other country in Europe. New Zealand they have a liberal that have been made available to businesses and personal use that the technology of telecommunication is speeding to the future age. So the rates will come down with the more advancement that is made because more people and companies


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