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Cross-Cultural Communication Matrix

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Cross-Cultural Communication

Country Preferred Communication Style Nonverbal Communication Practices Business Communication Norms Strategies to Increase Cross-Cultural Communication

Pakistan The difference between Pakistan and Brazil is Pakistan has an effective mixture of direct and indirect interaction models. This type interaction seems different when it comes to age and seniority. Pakistan applies humor within there interaction, however humor is just introduced by the elderly person and just once the connection has been founded (India Pakistan Trade Unit, 2008). When it comes to interaction between opposite sexes, it is viewed as unacceptable. Pakistan’s interaction is kept between same sexes and is viewed as typical. The Pakistani, when in engaged in interaction, do so with eye to eye interaction only among individuals that are considered to be an equal and persons of a higher standing to lower standing persons. Also, Pakistani do not wish to be any nearer than an arms length with other persons, until the other individual is of the identical family (India Pakistan Trade Unit, 2008). Pakistani believes in family unit before business so they communicate among family members first and business contacts second. The Pakistani also substitute “no” with phrases such as “I’ll try” or “I will see what I can do” Whenever requested to finish a job. They do not like to say “I cannot” or “no” (India Pakistan Trade Unit, 2008). A strategy to increase cross-cultural communication is “18 Principles of Global Communication” written by Stephen Rothin of the Santa Clara University. This has helped businesses and people improve interactions. Rule one states: In case you attempt to comprehend the ideals of various civilizations, you will discover common things.” Another good rule is rule number six: “To stimulate confidence have your execution clear.” This excellent rule is for the person who wants to become more sophisticated. This rule number seventeen states: “To turn into a sophisticated person, sharpen your insight and develop excellent manners.” In order to increase cross-cultural communication we should be able to comprehend them. This will inevitably make our overall performance and interactions clear.

South Korea South Koreans practice a more common indirect interaction. When a Korean is performing an action that is not allowed they will often not say anything about it. The Koreans are thought


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