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The Power of Mindfulness in Cross-Cultural Communication

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The power of mindfulness in cross-cultural communication[pic 1]

Chanté van Wyk


MGS 4650

Cross-cultural management

Assessment task 4

Word count:

1.  Introduction        3

2. Mindfulness vs. Mindlessness in cross-cultural management        3

3. Factors increasing mindfulness        4

3.1 Consciousness        4

3.2 Job experience        4

3.3 Mindful programs        5

3.4 Leadership support and trust        5

4. Benefits of mindfulness        6

4.1 Individual well-being        6

4.2 Positive relationship with performance (Task performance and overall organization performance)        7

4.3 Improve individuals coping skills regarding organizational change        7

4.4 Improve creativity and innovative thinking among individuals        8

5. Relationship between Mindfulness, Cultural Intelligence and effective cross-cultural management        9

6. Conclusion        12

7. References        13

  1. Introduction

The following essay will highlight elements and relationships bound to the term mindfulness in a cross-cultural management environment. In order to be mindful it is extremely important for individuals to first understand their own cultural constructs.  The cultural conditionings of individuals have a large influence on the level of understanding other cultural constructs. If individuals are unable to be mindful about their own cultural constructs then there is no possibility of these individuals being mindful about other cultural constructs. Due to this, it is vitally important for higher and lower level hierarchy individuals to be mindful about their own cultural construct in order to become mindful and culturally intelligent about the foreign cultural constructs surrounding them. The essay will address being mindful and mindless in the cross-cultural management environment, the difference between individual and collective mindfulness, factors that increase an individuals mindfulness is identified and benefits of being mindful is highlighted. The relationship between mindfulness and cultural intelligence as well as the mindfulness’s relationship with effective cross-cultural management is thoroughly addressed.


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