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Vicious Circle in American Culture

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Vicious Circle

Many different aspects shape American culture. Television, diet and drugs exceptionally represent this society. The following gives a description of how these three factors directly influence American culture.

Statistics say that the average American household contains more televisions than people. The media feeds Americans through television. The shows and advertisements people see affect daily decisions and public opinion. For example, when a person watches a reality show, he or she gets hooked and wants to act and dress like those people. As well as television programs, advertisements have a massive impact on the decisions of Americans. In a culture built upon the opinions of commercials, companies have learned that sex sells. When they advertise on television, they show an attractive person. They know this will catch the attention of the public; therefore the product has a greater chance of getting purchased.

The diet this country follows portrays its culture very well. Food has been made ‘fast', causing the American people to become overweight. As the most obese country in the world, the food in the United States remains loaded with artificial and unhealthy products. McDonald's kills the American people with its hydrogenated, preservative-filled food. As a consequence of this poor diet, new diseases have risen to the surface. This leads to the next matter that composes the culture of this country.

Drugs, prescription and illicit-subjects of this society since the days of our founding fathers- have a severe impact. Documented information validates that George Washington used cocaine regularly and grew the hemp plant on Mt. Vernon. In more recent times, doctors distribute prescription drugs like candy on Halloween. The American people now rely on these pills to cure everything and anything. Americans have develop into addicts because they believe the drugs truly help


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