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Hum 186: Media Influences on American Culture

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Social Media Paper

Tammara Owens

Professor: Sabrina Young

HUM/186: Media Influences on American Culture

Week 2 Assignment: Social Media Paper

September 26, 2016


In today world, technology has become very intricate part of people lives. The technology possessed world, networking and social media has an obscure part of everyone periodic life. The personal profiles created by social networks, phone apps, and the business industry. The creations of a personal profile are uploading pictures, sharing information, updating their daily status and adding new people to the network. The pros and the cons are very sturdy and have many abilities to cause some monstrous things to happen to surround different social networks. In this essay, I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of how easily it is to obtain information from social media sites. The next paragraph will explain the pros and cons of social media and how advantages and disadvantages may alter on each might use the social media sites. The last paragraph will include the credibility issues that can arise from information from the internet.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of easily obtainable information?

There are many benefits for accessing available information such as the internet. The internet considered as technology, and some piece of technology gives the people all over the world access to the network. Cell phones are a part of the technology world and very popular, and people uses to access the media around the world just from their hand. The main reason for able to access easily available information is through global communication and set a result for lack of knowledge that given. The available information allows each individual on this earth to do research edit sounds and modify him or her images. Another way that makes easily available information as an advantage to the world is convenient because it allows people to get the latest news, watch videos, latest TV shows and chatting with one another all at the same time of multitasking. Multitasking is what we all do at once on all the social media sites that we are allowed to access at one time.

The disadvantage to easily available information is that the information can be questioned and also unreliable information. There are many problems as well to available information such as different websites can be unsecured and then cause the laptop or desktop computers to be damaged. Another way disadvantage sits in easily with the information is when the information shouldn't


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