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American Media Is Failing to Construct a Better Future for Americans

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Thesis Statement: In the attempt for a better learning environment for the American population, especially children, American television and radio networks should not have the legal right to broadcast indecent content.

Since the creation of the television, American society has been influenced in positive and negative ways. As a result to televisions long history, networks have reached a point where “indecency ” is being broadcasted and many children are exposed to this crude, obscene material; therefore, this results in advocating an inappropriate learning environment for the American people. According to the work of psychologist James L. McGaugh at the university of California, Irvine stated that, “ …memories of experiences, which occurred at times of emotional arousal (which could include sexual arousal), get locked into the brain by the adrenal gland hormone, epinephrine, and are difficult to erase.” Exposure by indecent material of American networks to the public are harmful and should be continued to be regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Television compiled statistics by TV-free America states that 99% of American households possess at least one television. This large-scale of television possession in households demonstrates that we are constantly submerged in a society who is dominated by network and the media. In addition, all cars in America are built with radio interference.

Our accessibility to networks, everywhere we travel to have made it challenging to sit down and enjoy a nice book or read the newspaper. Technological advances are slowly taking over the print- media; furthermore, our source of information has weighed heavily on television and radios. For instance, in the Presidential Elections of 1960 was the 44th American presidential election that John F. Kennedy was the nominee of the Democratic Party and Richard Nixon was the Republican Nominee; furthermore, this was the first presidential election that was televised. American families that watched the election on Television believed that Kennedy was a better looking and was not old like Nixon and that Kennedy did not look “like he was about to die”. Many critics and analyst believe that John F. Kennedy won the 1960 election because many viewers were influenced by the portrayal of the media. This comes to show the power that media can preside over people and the influence it can have.

In a country where freedom of speech is greatly practiced makes it difficult for the interpretation of our constitution to be a living and breathing document as our way of life and lifestyle changes since the creation of this significant and powerful document. As discussed in professor Charles’s communication class at Santa Monica College,

The father of talk radio and father of Hate radio, Charles E. Coughlin, was a corrupt Catholic priest who manipulated the radio airwaves to influence the American


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