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I Am Proud to Be American

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I'm Proud to be American

America's greatness can be summarized by two simple words, freedom and opportunity. After studying World History you can realize that nowhere in time or location of this world has any civilization had as many freedoms and opportunities as the American people have had after the Revolutionary War. Despite the many faults and mistakes America or its people have made, it is by far the most powerful nation the world has seen since the British Empire of the 18th century. Some might criticize this and similar remarks as unconcealed nationalism but anybody would be proud to be an American and there are numerous reasons to support such claims.

The most obvious reason why I am proud to be American is because of the freedom it gives its citizens. It doesn't mean the people can do whatever they want or there would be chaos. However, the populace enjoys more economic freedom than anywhere else in the world. Because of the Capitalist economy the people have a lower tax rate than Socialist or Communist countries. We also have the chance to decide which religion suites you the best. You can also not go to church at all if you don't want to. We can worship in public without the fear of a government raid or going to jail. There might be some discrimination between the people but whereas in other countries you can be ruthlessly murdered or openly beaten for it. The government does not interfere with this decision like some others do. This freedom was so important to our founding fathers that they left everything they ever knew for an unknown land and later went to war for it. This was made to lead to the very first amendment in the Bill of Rights, even ahead of the freedom of speech. An additional reason why I am proud to be an American is because of the opportunity that it offers to each of the residents in its boundaries. Anybody has the chance to work hard and make informed, sound economical decisions that can lead to their success. If you have endurance and integrity it is relatively easy to enjoy in the American dream of a lush and pleasurable livelihood. Nevertheless, people can still make wrong choices like buying a house they cannot afford or having to many children, even though they can recover from these mistakes it can get increasingly difficult. Normal consequences will follow if you don't take informed decisions that is why this is not only a home of the brave but of the intellectually successful as well . America has always been a land of opportunity because that's what it was founded as. It doesn't matter who your ancestors are or where you're from everyone is equal. If the individual is willing to practice some self control and responsibility, the opportunity will be available to them on a larger


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