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English Colonists and Native Americans- Conquer or Convert?

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The topic chosen for History Day 2011 by our group is ‘English Colonists and Native Americans- Conquer or Convert?'

We chose this topic because all three members of our group found the first few chapters about early English settlement very interesting. Since this topic caught our attention, we wanted to learn more about it, and as a result, chose it for our topic. The topic of debate also seemed very clear cut, and we thought it would be interesting to read about both sides.

Research was conducted via online databases. The databases were accessed through the Edline library's list of sources. The databases used were Jstor, US History Resource Center, POWER Search, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, and Ask RI (World Book Online, RI Libraries). These engines connected us to thousands upon thousands of sources from every viewpoint possible. Since there was a wealth of reliable information online, most of the research was conducted online. However, primary sources were used from the book "For the Record."

Our group chose to do an exhibit, because it really gave us a chance to interpret the information in an appealing way, and to express our creativity. It also provided a perfect way to show both of the sides of the debate, thanks to the three folds on the board. Presenting it through a collaboration of words and pictures was both pleasing to the eye, and the best way to show our debate. The project was created by placing one argument on one of the far sides of the trifold, the other on the opposite side, and what our group concluded based on the thesis in the center. This is a very logical set up, and presents out debate in its intended form.

The project our group created related to the National History Day theme because it is a cut and dry debate. Since the theme of 2011 is ‘Debate and Diplomacy,' this project falls perfectly under debate,


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