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Ad Analysis for Burberry Ad - the True Price of Fur

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The True Price of Fur

Burberry known for high fashion always has portrayed an image of beauty through clothes. This product is used by celebrities, as well as the wealthy; making Burberry a very popular brand. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have shown the less glamorous and more gruesome side of Burberry: the killing process of foxes which Burberry uses for its fur products.

Burberry is a famous brand of clothing that usually targets young to middle age adults, mainly females but males as well. The advertisements for Burberry are very fashionable, with gorgeous models. These models are an example of the image that young adults want to portray; which is the faux image of perfection. What Burberry does not advertise are the animals used for their fur products, and that is what the PETA organization has brought out for the general public to see. The PETA organization is one of the world-wide known organizations fighting for animals rights. From the PETA website there is a link titled Bloody Burberry that takes the viewer to the Bloody Burberry website. The Bloody Burberry website has a video that is very graphic that shows the living conditions of foxes which are: "…cramped, filthy wire cages, where they are exposed to all weather conditions" ( The video also shows how the foxes are killed and as the article "Burberry: When Plaid goes Bad" explains can be by: "…suffocation, electrocution, gassing, and poisoning" ( With these facts PETA aggressively advocates against Burberry for using the fur of animals. These facts urge consumers to boycott fur, and also to try to make Burberry stop using fur, by making these facts public.

Bloody Burberry's website has the advertisement: "Where Does Burberry Stand on Fur?". The advertisement has a person wearing heavy boots stepping over a fox. The person is holding a metal


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