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People Magazine Demographic and Ad Analysis

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Piper Lovell

Magazine Demographic

Mr. Sean Glassberg

October 9, 2018

People Magazine Demographic and Ad Analysis

        Its has been nearly 45 years since the first people magazine was published. People magazine mostly focuses on human-interest stories. They feature stories that discuss people or animals in an emotional way. It presents people and their problems, concerns, or achievements in a way that brings about interest, sympathy or motivation in the reader or viewer. Ads are placed all throughout the magazine to grab readers attention, and the reader will spend their money on what is advertised if it is appealing. This People Magazine covers “Julia Roberts as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman 2017”. The ad on Neutrogena focuses on hydrating dry skin, and keeping the wrinkles unnoticeable. The background of the advertisement shows water, which is clean, pure, and refreshing, the products focuses on rejuvenating the skin. Because the audience is mostly older women, it becomes easier to target a group who are more vulnerable about their skin as they age.

Ads are not only placed in a magazine to get the revenue price up, the ads are designed to grab a specific readers attention. The demographics in People magazine audience are female and the average customer age is thirty eight years old. Therefore, the articles and advertisements are going to be driven mostly towards the middle aged female audience. The advertisement chosen is a Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and Cleansing Gel which focuses on dry and aging skin. The ad is is used to target middle aged women, who tend to get cracked sin over time due to aging. Middle aged women tend to read more into People magazine because it gives them a sense of what it is like to be in a celebrity's shoes, and it keeps them up to date on the weekly drama. Not only does the magazine include celebrity drama, but it also includes things that women between the ages of 20 and 46 enjoy; such as makeup, skin care, celebrity’s way of  living the high life, and clothes that are in style for the season.

Certain people read certain magazines, and certain ads are placed for the higher class income people to see so they can lure the reader into purchasing them. Mostly only people with money can afford to stay up to date on the magazines and the products being advertised, such as the Neutrogena ad. Neutrogena cream is typically a more expensive brand, not everyone is willing and able to spend twenty dollars on a 1.7 ounce eye cream. The eye cream ad is trying to pursued women into spending their money on the hydrating eye cream. Which is chemically proven to hydrate the skin, remove makeup and impurities and lock in the moisture of the product. The placement of the ad is also very important. The Neutrogena advertisement is placed directly in the center of the magazine and the ad itself is an eye catcher. The bottle and containers of the product are placed in the center of the page with bright bold wording. Because there is nothing going on in the background of the product being advertised, all of the readers attention can be gravitated to one specific point. The product packaging has to be physically appealing for people to take their time and read what it is about and what it does. Nobody wants to purchase a unpleasantly packaged product over an aesthetically packaged one.


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