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Identified Problems of Current Information System

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• Identified Problems of Current Information System

 Inefficient and Ineffective ways of broadcasting similar information

AAMJ is a social organization which also receives funds from quite a number of donors. Therefore, they have the means to contact especially the ones who fund the donations and the other important entities who may be employees and the children themselves. They currently manually contacting those important entities via phone which proves to be inefficient and ineffective. Besides increasing the telephone fee, it also wastes a great amount of time. It has been discovered that this company owns a SMS Gateway which is not utilized. When something bought, but is not used is also a problem. Surely any SMS Gateway that we have found will have its own built-in application. Unfortunately, after a conversation with the manager, it has been discovered that the SMS Gateway built-in application does not suit the needs of the company due to its inefficiency and inflexibility.

It records data with MS-Excel which is not secure at all even though the file is stored in the file server and everything needs to be input in excel which proves to be difficult for someone who does not know excel (Even though the data table is clearly there). The ease of use level proves to be low. The feature also does not suit the needs of the organization. In the organization, all entities are grouped into groups of people, such as: donators, children, parents, employees. The feature of its built-in application does not support this.

 Improper Stock Management

In the company’s current situation, the ones who are in charge of the stock are calculating and processing everything manually. In this case, manually means they are using stock cards to handle the stock management. The number of stocks coming in and out are recorded to the cards. Miscalculation is inevitable when counting the supplies. Lack of accuracy is also a problem. A great amount of supplies which can be in the form of pencils or books are difficult to be recorded accurately. Other things which have to be concerned at are: costs, time and space. Great amount of stocks will result in great amount of stock cards, which will result in taking a lot of time to be recorded while consuming unnecessary space to situate the stock cards and in the end results in surging costs.

There will come the conditions where the space is unable to contain anymore stock cards and the cards will be thrown away. It means that some records of the past will be inaccessible anymore. When the cards are piling, a great amount of time will be needed to find the desired records of stocks. Consequently, this concept of stock management proves to be inefficient and ineffective regarding to time and cost.

Bad ways of managing the stocks will also affect the organization greatly. Even


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