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Information System Briefing

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Information System Briefing

The process of selecting and acquiring an information system such as an Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) involves evaluating the organization's goals and involving the agency's stakeholders in the process. The creation of a steering committee allows the company to incorporate representatives from the various stakeholders in the process of selection and acquisition. The paper will discuss the progression through the selection and attainment of the EDIS, how the organization's goals drive the selection, and the roles of the stakeholders.

Selection and Acquisition Process

The selection and acquisition process can seem a daunting. However, by following certain steps, this process is easily tackled.

Creating the Committee

Creating a steering committee should be the organization's first step. The steering committee will represent the stakeholders in the selection and acquisition process. The team should have members that have an investment in the outcome of the implementation of the information system. A physician, nurse, IT staff member, CEO, laboratory staff, pharmacy technician, managerial staff, and human resources should be on the committee. These members will represent the stakeholders. The team will determine a leader who possesses excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and organizational expertise. The team will have the task of recording all of their actions throughout the entire process of selection and acquisition. Often the team leader will appoint a secretary to undertake the assignment of the documentation.

A Life Cycle

The process that an organization goes through, of selecting and acquiring any information system can be likened to a life cycle, and is known as the system development life cycle (Wager, Lee, Glaser, & Burns, 2009. Chapter 6. pp. 2). This life cycle involves planning, selecting, implementing, and evaluating


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