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Bio Metrics Report

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Schools districts are always looking for ways to tighten security in their schools, not only for the safety of the students and the staff, but also to keep track of their students in all the ways they need to. Identimetrics has found a way to do this by using biometric scanners to keep track of the students. By using fingerprint scanners to catalogue all the students in the school system, faculty can make sure that they have record of all of the students. This helps with accurate state funding, school lunch payments, and attendance.

Using biometric technology to keep track of students in the schools helps with state funding. Schools are paid based on how many students they have in the school. If their records are inaccurate they could end up not getting enough money to properly run the schools. If they are inaccurate and they receive too much money, they have a nightmare to deal with when they file taxes. The technology also helps keep track of student lunches. It makes sure that the students don’t pay for more or less lunches than they actually had. It also helps keep track of the students who receive free or reduced lunches. Attendance is also made easier by this technology. Students lose key cards and many forget PIN numbers. If a student only needs a finger, they will be able to enter buildings and prove attendance much easier. Teachers won't have to spend near as much time taking attendance and can focus on teaching students.

Some biometric systems don’t have the capacity to house information for entire schools. They are not broad enough to keep track of everything they need to and they sometimes will crash. Schools do need to do a lot of research before they choose a system to stick with. Finding the right program for the school can be tiring but in the end it will be well worth it.

The author of the IdentiMetrics article has made very valid points in the article and has addressed the other side of the argument as well. The


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