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Suntrust Annual Report

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Publicly owned corporations create and distribute many types of reports. The Annual Report to Shareholders and the Form 10K report are two of the more commonly known reports. Suntrust Banks Inc. is one business that generates and allocates both documents. The company communicates with its shareholders through an annual report. Since it is an unofficial document, some of its subject matter may vary between companies, but a report always includes balance sheet data and a list of officers. Suntrust's annual report includes information not available elsewhere, as well as sections which describe the company's activities, forecasts, and future plans. A 10K report is the official annual business and financial report submitted by public companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Suntrust's 10K report includes thorough information about the company such as a business summary, a list of properties, and subsidiaries.

Suntrust's annual report, a financial document providing a summary of operations and the financial standing of the company, has a broad target audience that includes professional investors, analysts, employees, shareholders, partners and customers. To appeal to its audience, Suntrust has the challenge of turning balance sheets and the company mission statement into a visually attractive package. The average reader will look mostly at the photos or illustrations within the report, as well as captions, call-out quotes, and short sidebars. Therefore, to successfully target the audience, those areas must have substance and meaning.

Suntrust's annual report provides a convenient way for readers to monitor the progress of its company. As an investor, the purpose of reading the report may be to access profitability, growth, stability, dividends, potential problems, risks, or other factors which may affect whether there is interest in investing in that company. The annual report filed by Suntrust demonstrates


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