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Employee Privacy Report

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Employee Privacy

Advancements in technology have dramatically helped employees become more efficient and effective, but it has also brought about many downfalls. Most employees today have access to personal computers and either cell phones or landlines phones at work to help them accomplish their goals by making communication more proficient. With most of us spending more or our time at the workplace than at home; it is so much easier to take some time to conduct personal business while at work. Most employers do allow this in moderation, as long as it does not interfere with your progress. This being said, this gives the employers the right to know exactly what you are doing on their computers at all times. It is their reputation on the line and it is their right to ensure their employees are doing the right thing.

Email, Internet Use and Privacy Policies at My Job

I currently work for the Department of the Army as a Human Resource Specialist and we are given a laptop that we use while at work and we are free to take them home every night if we choose to. These computers are accessed by using our common access card and a pin. This allows all the computers to be monitored at all times. We are allowed to use the internet, but many sites are restricted. It is surprising to know that we are allowed to access Facebook, because the Army has a page of their own, but we have to be careful with what is being posted for security reasons. We are not allowed to access other sites such as YouTube or any type gambling sites. Memory sticks or cards are strictly prohibited because of the sensitivity of the personnel data contained on these computers. Email is strictly used for business matters only, but we are allowed to check personal emails while on break or lunch. When sending emails, we have to classify them as either classified or unclassified. These emails are monitored at all times to ensure confidentiality is not being breached. Because of my job and the information I deal with, it is very important that personnel information does not fall into the wrong hands. Identity theft is a big issue in our society and it is up to all people involved to protect the information of the personnel involved.

Current Laws That Regulate Employee Email and Internet Privacy

It is safe to say that if the employer owns the computer used by the employee, they have all rights to it and it use. They have the right to read and monitor employee's communications because they own the email and the correspondence of the employee and are responsible for their safety and actions (Orfano, 2009). Federal laws are in place to protect the employer more often than the employee. Recent surveys have shown that more employees today monitor employee internet use and email than just a few years ago. A survey done by the American Management Association


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