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Vagabonding Experience

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I haven't finished reading Vagabonding; yet, the inspirational source of energy that flows inside myself urges me to write, to let go of my thought and to set my burning desire of traveling free on this white paper. Having skimmed through lots of review before actually reading the book, I'm still amazed by how Vagabonding spreads the light on my temptation to travel and even goes as far as teaching me the many lessons of live. Maybe because life itself simply a journey.

To list all precious knowledge that I have absorbed from Vagabonding after the 1st read is impossible, yet to point out one that in reality links with my humbling travel experience is not a matter of difficulty. As mentioned in Vagabonding, traveling itself is an act of spiritual, whether that act is about discovering a new "religion" for oneself or about reassuring what one has followed in the longevity of his life. For me, until now, traveling has simply shown me what lies beyond the knowledge of papers and how possible everything is regardless of the harsh surroundings.

My parents used to tell me that I need to be highly cautioned when entering the new world, especially meeting with strangers. From past stories, the image of the world that has been depicted in my mind is just a place full of cheaters and evil in disguise. Despite how logical I sounded in arguing with them, my parents kept showing news and articles of scams and robberies and killings all around the globe, including my home country. The amount of materials being used as evidence against my thinking of a good world could possibly stack up the whole empty football field if printed as hardcover version. That, including my dependence and cowardliness, has pushed me to the edge of separating myself from the rest of the world, not the world as commonly known, but what I now perceive as a pool of opportunities of funs and harmony. I closed myself to invitations of events; sometimes, I turned


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