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Immigration Experiences - 1700 French Catholics Were Killing All the French Protestants

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The immigration experiences, in 1700 French Catholics were killing all the French Protestants. Thousand of protestant went to Russia. Everyone's immigration is different either they are leaving from going to the army, being killed, religious freedom, economic situation, schooling and much more.

The first part of immigration that everyone experiences is leaving your home land; it's difficult especially if you are older. When you leave your country you are leaving a lot behind, your ancestors and our tools. In the past you left all people behind, it wasn't easy to travel. When you came by boat it was very expensive, you said good-bye and you will never see them again. There are many reasons to leaving your homeland, Economic opportunities, religious prosecution, and political reasons. The Seeks in India sometimes had good relations with Hindus. Another reason is Educational opportunities, in many countries to go to school was expensive. These

are some of the reasons in the immigration experiences from our home land. Changing from a majority to a minority for example, this can be with Israel's, African Americans, Germans and Ireland. Sometimes you go to minority to minority like India or Russia.

The third hard part of immigration experience is the ethnic neighborhood. For example when Italy came they established ethnic neighborhood called Little Italy, China created China town, Harlem was created by African American. You can live in different ethnic neighborhoods. However, people want to live in there same people, stores, food, music, grocery stores, spices. Russians with their Vodka Jewish peoples has to be kosher. Also the clothing for different ethnic groups, Jewish people with yamika, Indian woman wearing a sari, newspapers, videos, bars and Finally the House of worship, Church, synagogue Buddhist temple etc.

Assimilation is when you adapt to a new country. We see the Indians moms wearing saris, while their


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