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My Experience at Nylf - Sex Selection

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This summer I attended a programed that was designed to introduce me to the world of medicine and to educate me on the ethical dilemmas that I will face as a physician. One of the assignments was to conduct research about a topic we were assigned within a group of four students, and after about 5 hours a debate would be held on all the topics. The twist was that we did not know which side we would be arguing for. After my group was assigned the topic of sex selection, we were sent to an isolated room to do our research. First, we all sat down and stared at each other because none of us knew anything about sex selection. After an hour of research, we were more educated on the topic, but now we were faced with a new problem; one side of the argument was quite hard to argue. This topic interested me deeply because of the numerous implications could be argued in favor of each side. While my group's attention shifted to topic's like morals and religion, I immersed myself in the research. Three hours later we decided to meet up and discuss our course of action. While my partners had unique approaches to the situation, no one suggested a structured system for out argument, so instead to began to outline our points. Our argument for sex selection was quickly formed, and for a second we thought our task was complete. However, moments later, we realized that there was a chance that we would be assigned to argue against sex selection. It was more difficult to compose that argument because of the lack of sources and the ethical issues with that stance. After mentioning a couple bullet points we were stuck, however after recounting the research that I submerged myself in earlier, with my help, my group was able to produce a structured argument. The time came for the debate. Everyone was nervous, and I could feel the tension in the room as the announcements were made on what side each group would argue. When our turn came, it was announced that we would argue for.


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