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The Noble Experiment

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The Noble Experiment- When the sale of

alcohol went into effect, most of the middle class and

those that considered themselves progressives,

supported it. However, in a year the "noble

experiment", as defenders called it, was not working at all..

Al Capone- In Chicago, Al Capone built a criminal empire based largely on illegal alcohol. He

guarded in against interlopers with an army of as many as 1000 gunmen. This contributed to the

death of more that 250 people in the city between 1920 and 1927..

National Origin act of 1924- Directly proceeding

the Great Depression, anti-immigrant

sentiments rose. Congress put in this act that

banned immigrants entirely from East Asia and

greatly reduced those from Europe. Leo Frank- He was a Jewish factory manager in Atlanta. He was convicted of murdering one of

his female employees in 1914 on weak evidence. In jail, the KKK lynched him.

Will Hayes- As the former post master general,

he was put in charge of screening motion

pictures by the motion pictures association. He

had to give films their ratings, and screen

anything that he thought to be inappropriate for the public. New Professional Women- With the rise of household conveniences, being a housewife was

becoming less prevalent. Jobs opened up for women, such as: secretaries, operators, and


Henry Ford- He thought that the automobile was

a legitimate for of transportation, not just a toy

for the rich. He used his newly improved assembly

line to build the Model T and bring

automobiles to people other than the upper class. Ernest Hemmingway- He was an author during the roaring twenties. He was widely celebrated

because he was a voice for the public in matters such as World War One.

H.L. Mencken- A magazine writer concerned

with America's growing materialism. who

savagely critiqued America's new consumer society. Sinclair Lewis- He was the first American author to win the


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