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Experiment Gone Wrong - Victor Frankenstein

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The Product of An Experiment Gone Wrong

The creature is a creation of Victor Frankenstein. Victor has a voracious appetite for learning, which leads him to study science. He is well respected by professors and students. He spent two years creating the creature during which time he neglected his own health and remained a recluse from the outside world. He is fascinated in bringing things to life and succeeds in creating an eight-foot man to life. Frankenstein dreamt of infusing life into an inanimate body, but when his dream came true, he was not happy. "I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart" (Chapter 5, pages 48-49). Frankenstein flees, hoping to forget what he has created and attempts to live a normal life. Victor is so disgusted by his creation that he flees from the apartment and leaves the creature by himself. Instead of consoling his creation, he rejects it and the creature is left there. When Victor and Henry Clerval return to the apartment and the find the creature gone, Victor is overjoyed and falls down in exhaustion. Victor spends months recuperating, never knowing where the creature is and never looking for it. The creature has no place in the world. He was kicked into existence by someone who hates and fears what he made. There is nobody in the whole world who is like him, or understands what it is like to be him. He himself does not even fully understand what he is. He is full of fear, horror, self-loathing, pain, dejection, grief, loneliness and despair and hatred. He projects this hatred on his creator, who failed his duty as his creator. And so he takes his revenge. He is not human, but he is full of pain and sorrow, and grieves the murders he committed, even if he seeks to justify them. The creature is a victim of an experiment that gone wrong.

Victor abandons the creature and leaves the creature confused, angry, and afraid. The creature tries to make friends with William, thinking he is too young to have judgment, William blurts out that his last name is Frankenstein. The creature being filled with rage does not realize the strength of his own hands and when he goes to quiet the child, he accidently strangles him. Upon seeing, Justine sleeping in the barn and realizing he can never have someone so lovely, he takes the miniature he took from Williams' locket and put's in Justine's pocket knowing she will be accused of murdering the child. Victor realizes that the creature is responsible for William's and Justine's murder and is too coward to come forward because he knows he will be accountable for creating such a monster. "Sleep fled my eyes; I wandered like an evil spirit for I had committed deeds of mischief beyond description horrible and more, much more (I persuaded myself) was yet behind


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